It’s astounding the changes our little ones go through as they grow through their early years. To make the world’s best children’s shoes we work closely with a range of podiatrists and researchers to help grow our understanding of foot health and development.


To make sure your child is snug and comfy in their new shoes, it’s important to find the right fit. First make sure you understand what stage your child is at to find the right shoe for them. Each of our stages have a broad range of sizes available, because not all children develop at the same rate and some kid’s feet grow faster than others.


Making the world’s best children’s shoes requires a deep understanding of how kids move, grow, play and develop. We work closely with paediatric podiatrists and movement scientists to guide us in making the shoes that your kids love.


Part of making the world’s best children’s shoes is sourcing the world’s best materials. Bobux shoes are held to an extremely high quality standard, they need to be durable, flexible to children’s movements, and easily adjustable for the perfect fit. It’s this level of detail that makes Bobux a better fit, more breathable, more comfortable and provide more protection than any other children’s shoe in the world.



The most common material in our shoes is leather, which we hand-select from some of the world’s finest tanneries to meet exacting child-friendly standards. Our knits were developed uniquely for Bobux by leading materials scientists and the wool lining found in some of our cold-weather shoes is sourced from high-quality Australian and New Zealand Merino, the softest wool in the world. 


The very first soft sole was made from carefully selected, high-grade leather and today leather is still the most common material used in our shoes. Our team visit tanneries to select special grades of leather that are softer and more flexible for easy and free movement. Not all leathers are created equal, some leathers offer different characteristics and we use each in a way that it contributes to the overall composition of the shoe. We use a variety of leathers to achieve different looks, finishes and textures alongside designs that are carefully crafted to showcase the premium quality of the material.


Each one of our shoes is hand assembled from components that we craft individually. We work very closely with key manufacturing partners, many of whom we’ve been working with for over 10 years. It’s the people who make our shoes who help us keep this high standard, so we thought it best to tell our story through them.

Bobux Children's Shoes

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